Thematic Itineraries

We propose different itineraries that can make you appreciate our country and all its different aspects and facets: routes that cross the squares of the historic center and its promenade, as well as the eastern part called Celle Piani, but also the hamlets, scattered on the hills in the immediate hinterland and easily reachable on foot.

We suggest getting around our territory and our alleys following different themes:

  • The Ring of the 7 Churches: a 15km hiking trail that connects the fractional churches through paths surrounded by greenery 
  • Art, to discover the art treasures that we jealously guard
  • Pottery, to learn about part of our history, as a "City of ancient and established ceramic tradition"
  • Handicraft, to discover unique and original products made by expert and precious hands

We also offer you two jewels of our territory:

  • The Bottini pinewood, reachable with the comfortable, free and panoramic lift with a wonderful view and that allows a pleasant stop in the cool and has recently been enriched with artistic artifacts thanks to the Celle Land Art project
  • The ancient Roman Promenade, a panoramic point that offers a wonderful view of the Gulf of Celle Ligure, its sea, beaches and the red roofs of the houses.

The town and its territory can be easily explored alone or by participating in educational outings, excursions, trekking and guided tours organized by the Municipality especially during the summer season.

la mia liguria

parco del beigua


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