Sports and nature lovers will find in the hinterland of Celle Ligure a dense network of hiking trails, which can be traveled on foot, by mountain bike and on horseback, managed by the “Tonino Mordeglia Civil Protection Volunteers Association”.

In the Trekking and Trails section you will find the details of the 4 itineraries belonging to the Ligurian Hiking Network (REL) traced on the territory.

Every year, especially in the summer, the Municipality of Celle Ligure organizes free guided excursions as part of the "Up and down the paths of Celle Ligure" initiative in the company of qualified hiking guides.

For motocross lovers it is possible to access, near the Sanda locality, the “Andrea Timossi cross-track, while horse-riding lovers have at their disposal an equipped "Le Mimose Equestrian Center” located in Via Bolano that organizes summer camps, games and equestrian workshops for the little ones.

For sea lovers, Celle Ligure offers the best conditions for sailing, windsurfing, canoeing and sport fishing. Lovers of underwater sports can discover the wonders of the seabed and deepen their knowledge of the oceanic Poseidonia.

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