Points for Electric Charging

In the municipal area of Celle Ligure there are two columns for the electric charging of cars and motorcycles (one in Via Negrin, one in Piazza San Michele) and one free e-bike charging station located on the seaside promenade, near the mouth of Giare river (Via Boagno)



The ENEL - Pole Station charging columns can be used by all electric car models that recharge in alternating current using the "Enel X Juice pass" app for smartphones, which can be downloaded from the Apple Store and Google Play.

Each column is an interoperable and multivendor product that allows all customers to access it (even if the customer has an active contract with other electricity sellers) through digital payment systems that do not require the signing of a contract with the seller.

The column allows you to recharge two electric vehicles at the same time (or a vehicle and a motorcycle / quadricycle at the same time), delivering simultaneously to both sockets.

How to recharge the car

To recharge the car at the new charging stations, you need:

  • Charging cable
  • A special APP (Enel X JuicePass) on your Smartphone, which allows you to manage all the recharging services on public and private columns. You can choose the type of column and find it on the map, find out the access times and costs, book the recharge, monitor it live and consult the history of your consumption.
  • In addition to the dedicated App, Enel makes all the information in the APP available on its website https://www.enelx.com/it/it/mobilita-elettrica/prodotti/privati/app-juicepass.

Some rules for using the stations:

  • occupie the column only for the time necessary for recharging and always checks for any indications present on the spot
  • if you cannot recharge because the column is occupied by a non-electric car or by a car that is not charging, you can contact the competent authorities or the owner of the site hosting the public column
  • If, despite the presence of the vehicle occupying the pitch, it is still possible to recharge, you could leave a note for the owner of the improperly parked car: so you can help him not to repeat the same behavior in the future

The two ENEL X charging points are indicated both on the site




The e-bike column is made up of a rack and a box on which four 230V AC 2 A power sockets are applied which allow you to charge 4 e-bikes at the same time, plus 2 USB sockets for charging mobile phones, tablets, PCs, etc.
The rack has 4 places and can accommodate any model of electric bicycle, both MTB and racing.
The column can also be used to charge wheelchairs and other electric mobility devices for disabled people.
The column is covered with a fabric designed to retain and break down harmful particles present in the air: The Breath. It is the most powerful non-electrified instrument capable of reducing air pollution with a totally passive purification process, which exploits the natural movement of air.
Furthermore, the charging station is equipped with a QRCODE which allows a mapping of all the stations installed in the area through GoogleMaps and GoogleEarth https://www.etraction.it/ricarica/

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