There are many ways to spend your holiday in Celle Ligure: one of these is a holiday of sun, beach and relax during the summer season, in front of our blue sea, which for many years has obtained certifications and awards.

The Municipality of Celle Ligure has in fact undertaken, for many years, a path aimed at enhancing sustainable tourism and respect for the ecosystem, reaching important goals, first of all the acquisition of the Blue Flag, which was hoisted on the beaches of Celle for the first time in 1989 and then continue to wave also in 1991 and, consecutively, from 1996 to today: in fact, for the 27th consecutive year Celle Ligure is Blue Flag 2022!

For a beach holiday, Celle Ligure offers a coastline with seventeen bathing clubs, two free equipped beaches and four free-access beaches, as well as a marina for boats in Cala Cravieu.

It is not possible to think of Celle Ligure without thinking of its sea and all the leisure possibilities it offers; in addition to the simple swims, or the excursions by “pedalò”, you will have the possibility to practise sports such as sailing, canoeing and sport fishing.

Underwater sports lovers can learn more about the oceanic Poseidonia prairie, located in front of the west of the town and recognized as a site of great interest: the Posidonia, endemic to the Mediterranean Sea, is the only herbaceous plant that live on the seabed.

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