For some time now the Municipality of Celle Ligure has activated several important free services, dedicated to residents and guests of all ages.

The Tourist Information and Reception Office, open all year round, is always updated on all the initiatives and services active in the Celle area and it will be able to guide you in the best possible way among the various accommodation options, beach possibilities, services  for your health and your animal friends but also among the various possibilities of things to see or do during your holidays in Celle Ligure.

Particular attention is paid to children: they will find a special toy library, open from October to May, and the study library, designed to do homework together with specialized operators.

The municipal library on the Lungomare Carlo Russo has large sections of fiction and non-fiction, an entire section dedicated to Liguria and an important section of books for children and teenagers up to 14 years; it also provides reading and study stations, as well as workstations; it is possible to ask the operator for a password to access the wifi for different intervals of hours. Connectivity is very good.

In the information section you can find indications of other services such as

  • Free camper stop in Natta
  • Free parking spaces distributed throughout the area
  • Columns for electric charging

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Tourist portal of Celle Ligure (SV) in Liguria.
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