Celle Ligure is not just sea and mild climate: in order to really know it, you need to lose yourself among the streets, walk among the alleys and squares and be tempted by the many enticing shop windows, offering something for everyone.

Particular attention is given to women, thanks to the clothes, lingerie and shoe shops with the most elegant and trendiest items, handcraft workshops making made to measure clothing, even wedding dresses, or accessories, jewellery, custom jewellery and everything for the world of well-being, beauty and body care.

Many ideas, even for children, young fashion, casual clothing and items for sport enthusiasts, not to mention homeware!

And for food lovers, simply let yourself be taken aback by the smell of hot Focaccia coming from the various bakeries in the town, the freshly made desserts and the many food and wine specialities and old, little shops.


la mia liguria

parco del beigua


Via S. Boagno (Town Hall)        +39019990021


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Celle Ligure: paese d'aMARE