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Celle Ligure, Children's Town

The Municipality of Celle Ligure has for years been distinguished by a particular sensitivity towards the world of childhood, so much so that it deserves the title of “Children’s Town”.

The Mago Merlino Municipal Ludoteca (i.e toy library) has been active since 1981, the first in Liguria: it is a magical place where children can live a thousand experiences, play and learn many things while having fun.

The Pietro Costa Municipal Library, centrally located in Lungomare Carlo Russo, has an important section dedicated to children and young people: in fact, about a third of the available books are dedicated to the range of readers from zero to fourteen years old.

The study library service, at the library rooms, is active also in the summer and can be attended by non-resident students who spend their holidays in Celle: it carries out a support service for students struggling with the execution of their homework.

In Celle children and teenagers can play and practice sports in safety thanks to the many parks and gardens literally "scattered" throughout the territory: in the historic center, on the Piani, in the hamlets and also in the suggestive scenery of Bottini Pinewood.

During the summer Celle Ligure becomes the "Village of Children" thanks to the Navicelle event that every year (from 25 years now) animates the summer with afternoon workshops, evening shows, awareness-raising activities towards the environment and the sea and a small theater course with final show. Navicelle is the protagonist of the summer calendar for children with a whole week dedicated in June and many dates in the following months. All children can participate thanks to the free admission of all activities.



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