Summer Camp

With the Summer camp educational service, the Municipal Administration intends to offer children and their families important support for family life, ensuring a welcome space in the summer, in the absence of school activities.

The service is intended for children from 6 to 13 years old. For children who have not yet turned 6, the application remains pending.

Normally a maximum of 30 children can be accommodated.

The Summer Camp will mainly take place in open spaces with reception at the premises of the MEZZALUNGA garden and Social center.

The service is articulated and organised on the basis of a detailed program that the team of educators has agreed with the municipal representatives, in particular by defining cycles of playful and laboratory activities, adhering to the indications regarding social distancing and all necessary precautions due to COVID restrictions.

Activities are also planned at the San Bastian free equipped beach which has a dedicated lifeguard service, an exclusive and shaded area and a shower service.

In case of any proven allergies and intolerances, families must present suitable medical certification.


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