Toy Library

Mago Merlino Municipal Toy Library

c / o Primary school, Via Colla

Opening hours: from October to May, Monday to Friday: 03:00 pm to 6:00 p.m.

The toy library is a magical place, where the little ones grow up and the grown-ups become children again. A home for playing, making, inventing, being together.

The municipal toy library is a free service addressed to children aged from 2 to 12, organised by qualified educators.

Many workrooms are organized throughout the year: they are moments of fun and creativity where imagination and colours are the protagonists: a journey through different materials and painting techniques that can stimulate the child's star and manual skills.

Among the many workrooms usually done, which have become Celle's tradition, we list the most important ones: the Halloween masquerade party in October, the children's rights festival in November, the Christmas workshops in December, the preparation of costumes and float for the carnival parade, the scenography workshops done for the end-of-year show, the Navicelle workshops in June.




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