Roman Promenade

Behind the Crocetta promontory runs a stretch of the ancient communication route with the neighboring towns, used when the coastal road did not yet exist: the Roman promenade.

The Roman promenade is a short but intense panoramic route overlooking the sea, or rather over the sea, which joins the intersection of Via Trentun and Via Crocetta (Celle Piani side), with the beginning of Via Alla Costa at the iron bridge (Celle center side)

Starting off from Via Crocetta, the road makes its way through the buildings facing the seafront: you will pass houses, gardens and enchanting villas which, in addition to the architecture, stand out thanks to their colors that make the landscape even more fascinating.

You can see what remains of the ancient Castello Testa, partially destroyed in the explosion of April 25, 1945, together with the Chapel of N.S. della Crocetta, a temple the inhabitants loved in a particular way; where the church once stood it is possible to admire the statue of the Madonna surrounded by tiles with the prayers and invocations left by the faithful. Not far away you can admire the suggestive “Villa Bomboniera”, which survived the explosion intact.

The walk retraces the rocky ridge, just like the ancient Roman road, which was built inside to avoid the obstacles of the coastal jaggedness, and that is why more than a walk it can be considered a walk overlooking the sea; for this reason each step allows you to conquer a different view, from east to west, from Genoa to Bergeggi.

It is simply fantastic to sit on the stone benches in the middle of the path and let yourself be lulled by the movement of the sea that is lost towards the horizon; the same view at sunrise or sunset will make you appreciate the different colors of the sky and the sea.

The last part of the walk "runs" behind the bell tower of the Church “Nostra Signora della Consolazione” and the staircase leads to Via Alla Costa: crossing the Aurelia on the iron bridge you will find yourself in the heart of the historic center in an instant.

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