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During the year and in particular during the summer season, the Municipality of Celle Ligure offers educational outings, excursions, trekking and guided tours to discover a magnificent corner of Liguria: itineraries to learn about the art and culture of Celle Ligure, its hinterland and its most particular and curious features.


From June to August, some evening guided tours are offered, developed along an interesting itinerary, departing from via Boagno, in the company of an expert tour guide. The visit is dedicated to history and starts from the eighteenth-century Palazzo Ferri, seat of the town hall, and leads along the alleys of the historic center. Here you will find buildings that preserve the memory of some illustrious children of our land: the general Pescetto, the Biale family, the mayor Poggi, Nicolò Aicardi. In the eastern area of ​​the historic center, a square is dedicated to Pope Sixtus IV, whose name is linked to the Sistine Chapel in Rome and who was born in Pecorile, a hamlet of Celle Ligure, where his father had taken refuge perhaps to escape an epidemic of plague.

A stop on the itinerary is also the Via Boagno underpass with its ceramic panels made by Marcello Mannuzza, Leony Mordeglia and Carlo Sipsz. Leaving the historic center, the itinerary leads to the parish Church of San Michele Arcangelo, a diamond set in a forest of olive trees, according to the famous definition coined by the French tribune Lèon Gambetta, Cellasco on his father's side. In the church stands the famous polyptych “S. Michele and the Saints ”(1535) by Perin del Vaga, a pupil of Raphael and there is preserved, among the great names of Genoese painting, a rare crucifix from the 15th century. Behind the church is the ancient Oratory, where the “confreres” guard the crucifixes carried in procession by the “camalli”. Among the crates, the one in lime wood “S. Michele Arcangelo” (1694) by Anton Maria Maragliano.

Not simply art and history, but also traditions, legends and curiosities: a special way to learn more about our origins.


In addition to the guided tours Celle proposes some naturalistic excursions along suggestive paths that lead to discover the landscape peculiarities of our hinterland, going up from the beach to the panoramic reliefs overlooking the sea and immersed in nature, passing through the town and the various hilly hamlets. Also in this case the excursions take place during the summer season, starting from via Boagno, in the late afternoon or during the evening, always with the precious support of our excursion guides.

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