The Bottini Pinewood

The amazing pinewood overlooking the sea can be reached thanks to the new cableway system that can be used all year round with different schedules:

  • from 1st of June to 30 June: 8.30 / 23.00
  • from 1st of July to 31 August: 8.30 / 24.00
  • from 1st of September to 30 September: 8.30 / 23.00
  • from 1st of October to 31 May: 8.30 / 19.30 (during the winter period the lift is on call)

The facility is free and allows the simultaneous transport of 14 people. Children under 12 must be accompanied. The transport of animals is allowed, and dogs must have a leash and muzzle. Luggage must not exceed the maximum dimensions of 25x45x80 cm.

The system is equipped with remote control stations to which any emergency and alarm calls are sent from the cabin. 

The pinewood can be reached by its own means and has an ample free parking.

The ancient Bottini staircase is always available for those who wish to go up on foot.

Once in the locality of Bottini, always keeping to the left, take a short flat walk to the end of Via Boggero: the entrance to the pinewood overlooks a car park with about twenty places.

The pinewood is a true oasis of peace, to find a little cool during the hot summer days. During the whole year the pi9ne forest is animated with moments of celebration, events and creative workshops.

Pinewood opening hours:

  • from 1st of June to 30 June: 8.30 / 23.00
  • from 1st of July to 31 August: 8.30 / 24.00
  • from 1st of September to 30 September: 8.30 / 23.00
  • from 1st of October to 31 May: 8.30 / 19.30

The pinewood has benches that overlook a wonderful view, a picnic area, nice and colourful games for children, barrier- free toilets and refreshing fountains.

We remind all our kind users that, respecting the beautiful and delicate ecosystem of the pinewood, it is strictly forbidden to smoke and light fires.

This spectacular natural site hosts a considerable number of trees typical of the suggestive Mediterranean scrub among which you can appreciate specimens of holm oak, strawberry tree, Aleppo pine, stone pine and maritime pine, which are an ideal refuge for many migratory birds both in autumn and especially in spring: there are in fact many species of small passerines that  stop there, attracted by the thick tree cover and by the possibility of using a quiet and well exposed area where to rest and refresh themselves during the migratory stage.

For this reason, the Municipality of Celle Ligure, in collaboration with Lipu-BirdLife Italia, has undertaken a conservation project through the placement of artificial nests, mangers and information boards with the aim of making visitors increasingly involved in the promotion of the ecological culture.

Since summer 2017, the pinewood has also been enriched with " Land Art projects and works ", created in collaboration with the "Arte in Cascina" Association and the precious sponsorship of the Bagni Marini di Celle Ligure Association: Bagni Ligure, Lina, Angelo, Milan, Vittoria, Luciani, Stella del Sud, Augustus and Lido.

The innovative cultural project saw the realization, by the well-known Trentino artist Marco Nones, of an installation of Land Art, art made of natural materials, which is getting a lot of attention from the public and stimulates dialogue and reflection on the environmental sustainability theme.

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