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The event is included both in the FIDAL calendar with the qualification of International Event and in the "Europe Athletisme Promotion" International Circuit (

The 2021 calendar is accessible at this link

As part of the main event, scheduled every year in July (in 2021 it is scheduled for July 22, from 16:00 to 21:00), there will be "top" events with running competitions and jumps at the level of absolute categories, competitions for athletes in the youth categories (beginners, boys, cadets) and senior / masters, as well as for Paralympic athletes (project shared with FISPES) and Special Olympics (collaboration with ADSO Savona).

The event is included in the "Area Permit Meeting" section within the Calendar drawn up by the EAA (European Athletics Association / European Athletics Association), thanks also to the consolidation of the proposal among the elite group of Meetings organized in Italy and recognized by FIDAL in the context of the “Italian Athletics Meeting Project”.

The overall project is proposed and managed as a whole and with particular reference to the technical field by the ASD Centro Atletica Celle Ligure. It is shared and supported by the Municipality of Celle Ligure, partner and co-organizer of the event since the first edition in 1988.

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