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Holidays in Celle Ligure

There are so many ways to spend a holiday in Celle Ligure: a weekend of sun and heat in front of a blue sea on the award-winning beach; or a few days, out of peak season, when temperatures are mild and the sky is cloudless, for nature lovers and trekkers, who can spend whole days on the paths in the hinterland. And why not consider a longer stay, to take refuge in an oasis of calm and mild climate, when everywhere else it is cold and rainy?

In any season of the year and at any time of day, Celle Ligure offers beauty: the beauty of a beautifully preserved village that overlooks the sea, the beauty of the pastel colours of the houses in the old town, so close to each other, the beauty of the beaches and the sea, when it’s calm, transparent and inviting for a swim, or when it gets rough in a storm, admirable for its majesty and then the beauty of the hills, so rich and so close to the sea. You can lose yourself between the green and the blue ...

Whatever the season, whatever the reason for a vacation in Celle, the accommodation, the restaurants, the beaches and shops are ready to welcome guests with kindness, helpfulness and things to please all tastes. Twenty-one hotels, two residences, three holiday cottages, one campsite, one guest house and seven bed & breakfast spread all over, some near the beach, for those who prefer the beach, others further inland areas for those who like peace and quiet. And then a coast with seventeen beach clubs and two public beaches covering the whole area of Piani and the old town, up to the boundary of Albisola. Along the streets of the centre and Piani and in various places in the hinterland there are many different kinds of restaurants of the highest quality, seafood and others, traditional and modern, to please every palate and every taste. Finally, there are cafes, wine bars and pubs to sit in at any time of the day or night and many shops to enliven the streets and squares of the historic centre and Piani.