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Discover Celle: guided tours and excursions

During the year, particularly during the summer, the Municipality offers educational tours, excursions, hiking, guided tours into discover a beautiful corner of Liguria: itineraries to learn about the art and culture of Celle, its hinterland and its special features and curiosities.

Evening Guided Tours

From June to August, there are a evening guided tours, following two different routes, departing from Via Boagno at 9.00 pm, in the company of an expert guide. The first is devoted to history and begins at the Palazzo Ferri, along the alleys of the historic centre.

With obligatory stops at the parish church of Saint Michael the Archangel, with the precious polyptych of Perin Del Vaga and the adjoining Oratory of the Confraternity, with its processional statue by Maragliano. The second is dedicated to more recent years and leaves from the Palazzo Ferri to track the marks that the art of ceramics, in particular, has left on the area, starting from the works of the underpass and continuing with the well of the artists and the Church of the Assumption, with its works by Fontana and Luzzati.


Nature Excursions

As well as the guided tours, there are nature tours along beautiful paths that lead to some of the special features of this beautiful corner of Liguria, going up from the beach to survey the scenery facing the sea, passing over various foothills of the hinterland. These excursions take place during summer, departing from Via Boagno, late in the afternoon or in the evening, and always accompanied by guides.


Discover the wild herbs for the “prebuggiun”

During the spring and autumn there are tours to discover the herbs that grow wild inland and form the traditional prebuggiun, a small bunch of herbs used in the preparation of simple, tasty and natural dishes. The herbs appear in spring, after the heavy rains, when the sun’s rays germinate seeds that have stayed buried in the earth all winter and the perennials send out new shoots.

They may also be found after the summer in early autumn, when temperatures drop and once again the climate is favourable for the growth of seedlings. They grow on wasteland on the edge of roads or paths and should preferably be harvested in the morning, when the dew has gone but the sun is not yet burning. The excursions are meant to preserve an ancient tradition, to rediscover the culinary traditions of the past and increase knowledge of native plants.


Snorkelling Trips

Finally, snorkelling trips are planned for the summer, to discover the marine environment and the seabed, conducted by experts in marine biology.

Adults and children are accompanied by guides and can venture along the shallow waters of the coast, with fins, masks and snorkels. There they can appreciate the natural wealth of marine organisms that populate the first layers of the seabed.

The trips are run by the Coastal Environmental Education Centre of Beigua and they are preceded by a brief introductory talk on the coastal environment, the features of the seabed, the posidonia fields, protected areas and awareness of the sea.


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