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Pertini sea front: Artists for Mathematics

Pertini sea front: Artists for Mathematics

East of the Piazza dei Piani, we reach the Pertini sea front (Lungomare Pertini), with the artistic-educational “Artisti per la matematica” (Artists for Mathematics), inaugurated on 17th September 2011 as part of the project “Celle, città della matematica” (Celle Town of Mathematics), promoted by the Municipal Council at the suggestion of the scientific and cultural association, CelleLab.

The open air collection contains 32 mathematically-themed ceramic works, by artists involved in the project, with a data sheet that shows, in addition to its realisation, information about the mathematical subjects depicted.

It is an experiment that compares mathematical science, at its most philosophical, with art. It seeks, to quote Calvino, that lightness of which the writer spoke in the unforgettable “Six Memos for the Next Millennium”.

Along the way are works by: Alberti, Bernasconi, Bertorelli, Bonardi, Bruzzone, Canepa, Covelli, Crescini, Gaiezza, Gaja, Garbarino, Giannoni, La Spesa, Lusso, Mannuzza, Marchetti, Minuto, Moiso, Mordeglia, Noceto, Pagliaro, Peluffo, Pizzichini, Plaka, Pobiati, Quattrini, Sellerio, Sipsz, Spelta, Tinti, Zucca, Zucchi.

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