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Along alleyways and squares: from the workshop Il Tondo to the Artists’ Well

Along alleyways and squares: from the workshop Il Tondo to the Artists’ Well

Leaving Palazzo Ferri, along the alleyways, you may come across buildings that preserve the memory of some illustrious sons of our land: the General G. F. Pescetto, the Biale family, the Mayor M. Poggi, N. Aicardi.

Moving east there is a square dedicated to Pope Sixtus IV, whose name is linked to the Sistine Chapel of Rome. He was born on 21st July 1414, in the locality of Narichetti, in Pecorile, near Celle, where his father, Leonardo Della Rovere, took refuge possibly to escape a plague.

To the west, in Via Arecco, is the War Memorial, inaugurated on 6th November 1927: the bronze sculpture by Dante Guidetti is a tribute to the unknown soldier, who has the face of Battista Accate, brother of Agostino, one of the thirty-six soldiers from Celle killed in World War I.

At the far west end, in Via Pescetto, Il Tondo, the artisan workshop of Marcello and Andrea Mannuzza, born in 1982, frequented by many important artists: the pride of the workshop is their production of several national and international prize trophies, including the Bancarella Award, the M. Novaro Award, the S. Porfirio Award (founded by Umberto Piombino), the Ube Re Award for theatre, the Pulcinella Award for cartoonists and the Regione Liguria Award which goes to the winner of the youth section of the Sanremo Festival. It was designed by Emanuele Luzzati and made by Marcello Mannuzza.

Leaving the Bottega further along Via Aicardi we come to the exhibition SMS Messaggi d’Arte (SMS Art Messages). Along the waterfront, we come to the Church of Our Lady of Consolation, whose current structure is the result of the conversion, in the 17th century, of the convent church of Saint Mary of the Cave. The building is characterised by a typical horizontal white and turquoise striped decoration, with a pseudo-Romanesque façade of the 19th century.

Behind the promontory of Crocetta there is a stretch of road leading to neighbouring towns, today the wonderful promenade, known as the Romana, where you can enjoy an incomparable view of the Riviera; along the coast, it joins the old town to Piani di Celle, it winds through pine trees, palm trees, sand and rocks for over a kilometre. This is where the project Lungomare in Arte (Art on the Promenade) was conceived: art to upgrade and enhance the urban environment; art as the cultural root of an area that, starting from ceramics, brings with its history the link to an experimental language, capable of renewing itself through the ages.

In 2012, around Piazzetta Arecco, works were installed by Valeria Bruno, Giacomo Lusso, Marcello Mannuzza, Leony Mordeglia, Caterina Ricci and Carlo Sipsz, and in 2014, on the Crocetta sea front, works by Angelo Baghino, Renato Bonardi, Nivio Covelli, Roberto Gaiezza, Guido Garbarino, Rosanna La Spesa, Manuz, Aldo Pagliaro, Ylli Plaka, Carlo Pizzichini and Davide Secci. On the Crocetta sea front there is the Human Sundial (Analemmatic), the last stage of the route Celle Town of Mathematics, a work in ceramic tiles, designed by the Engineering Department of the University of Savona, which allows time to be read according to an individual’s physical position. In the Crocetta sea front gardens you can see the Pozzo degli Artisti (Artists’ Well): built in 1992, it brings together valuable works by Bernazzoli, Covelli, Luzzati, Mannuzza, Piombino, Servettaz.