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Art in Celle Ligure

Art in Celle Ligure: a journey to discover ancient and contemporary art.

There is a subtle connection between the artworks, palaces and churches in Celle: beauty. Today you can glimpse the marks left by history and art in the corners, squares, and alleyways which, in the words of Italo Calvino, turn from opaque to apricot.

From the half light of the alleys to the brightness of the sea and sky. A journey taken to discover Celle and its art offers a different way of knowing. You can trace the ancient art, starting from the parish church and the Oratory of Saint Michael, focusing on the works that link to the past and tell of one aspect, one specific identity of the village.

It is equally interesting to start a journey looking at contemporary art starting from the Church of the Assumption, with the high relief by Lucio Fontana, to the painting of Raphael Arecco and the sculpture of Nanni Servettaz. Or, you can dive deep into an open air museum, which takes the visitor on journey of discovery to a land where art, environment and history intertwine. In the name of beauty.

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