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A Town for Children

Celle is an ideal destination for families and children, who can find tranquility, spaces in which to play, gardens, parks, all far from city traffic and tourist accommodation and ready to welcome them and cater to their every need. There are many gardens in the Centre, from elementary schools to the Giardini Mezzano (Mezzano gardens) in Via Poggi and the Giardini Piani (Piani gardens) in Via Genova, all with small play areas and tables, not to mention the splendid Parco dei Bottini (Bottini Park), overlooking the sea, where you can find peace and cool air on hot summer days.

During the summer there is mini golf in Piani, which allows children and adults to spend pleasant hours in the shade of large trees in a large and comfortable garden: in addition to the 9-hole mini golf course, there are also three ping-pong table, for a game after a day at the beach. In Celle there are also opportunities for sports: horse riding from Sanda, in the hills around Celle, football and tennis facilities in Via Lavadore, without forgetting the sailing school and other activities related to the sea.

Celle Ligure, a town for children

The Municipality of Celle has a policy of particularly providing for children, meriting the title of “Città dei Bambini” (Town for Children). In 1981 the Mago Merlino games hall was inaugurated, the first in Liguria. It is an educational, recreational and cultural service to children from 2 to 12 years.

The games hall is a magical place where children become grown-ups and grown-ups can go back to their childhood.

It’s a house where they can play, create, invent, be together. There are workshops designed to be fun and creative, based around fantasy and colour. There are very popular events throughout the year: the Halloween Costume Party in October, in December the Christmas and New Year workshops, in January and February the preparation of the costumes and float for the Carnival parade, from March the scenography workshops with an end of year show, in May the Sports Festival.

Every year in November we celebrate children’s rights and we celebrate the anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child: since 2003, the games hall has held awareness-raising workshops for children, and a Children’s Rights Festival, with creative workshops and games. Every year features a particular aspect of the Convention - denied rights, the right to play, the right to education and to the expression, every year, workshops use different means to discuss these rights: from installations, to the creation of games, books, mosaics and much more.

At the P. Costa Sociocultural Centre there is the study hall, run by educators ready and willing to provide this support service for students. It is aimed at children in primary schools (elementary), middle grade (middle school) and the first two years of secondary (higher).

The study hall is also active during the summer and can be used by non-resident students who spend their holidays in Celle.

The municipal library, housed inside the P. Costa Sociocultural Centre, is available for infants and has an important section dedicated to children and young people: about a third of the works are intended for readers aged from zero to 14 years.

And, in June, Celle becomes a toyland for one week, thanks to the spacecraft exhibition designed and devoted entirely to children. During this week there are afternoon workshops in the Council Chamber where the kids have fun building and inventing, and then in the evening there are theatre events, music performances and magic on the main stage and through the streets of the town: all these are completely free and continue with other events throughout July and August.

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