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Blue Flag

The Blue Flag is a prestigious award established in 1987 (European year of the environment) and awarded to beaches and marinas by FEE Foundation for Environmental Education under the control of the European Union.


Blue Flag eco-award for beaches and marinas is given by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE), a non-governmental environmental organisation, with a national organisation in each participating country. Only municipalities can apply for a Blue Flag for beaches.

There are four criteria for a Blue Flag beach:

  • Water quality,
  • Environmental information and education,
  • Environmental management,
  • Services and safety.

The criteria are updated periodically, so as to require a greater commitment to resolving any problems, to continue to improve and protect the environment, through proper land management. The Blue Flag is awarded only for the current year and is valid only if all the criteria are met during the bathing season. If this does not happen, the local representative will be obliged to lower the Blue Flag. The FEE conducts national Blue Flag surveys during the season.

Detailed information on individual initiatives is available at our website where there is Blue Flag section.